Kindness nestles deep into

vintage skirt folds

where children clung once

and farm dogs roared around

the hem, larking in the sun.

Why the shawl around your collar

wraps not with hope but

stifles, you don’t know, and yet

its yarn bears the possibility

of stamina and pluck.

The velvet trim around that jacket

burns bright faith into your

vest-pocket where lingers joy,

hesitating, listening

for beckoning acceptance.

As for those shoes, they encase

a dance of merriment, a jig

that longs to blaze, but you

create no floor on which to tap

and glee must pause in silence.

Emotion colors every inch,

each button, thread, and zip

that holds you in to halt the leak

and pool of feeling this or that

around your feet for all to see.

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer https://tinyurl.com/y2cgqhgv

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