What is Spirituality, Exactly?

Let’s think together

We all have an idea about what spirituality is, but for some of us the concept is sketchy. We might imagine it must have something to do with religion or sitting cross-legged while chanting. Or, perhaps we consider it’s about meaningfulness, but we aren’t quite sure.

According to the dictionary Merriam Webster, spirituality can be defined in several ways.

It may relate to “affecting the spirit,” or have an “ecclesiastical” interpretation concerning “religious values.”

Then again, spirituality may link to joining in spirit, be concerned with “supernatural beings or phenomena,” or involved with spiritualism or something spiritualistic.

Having read these descriptions, you could easily still be none the wiser.

English Oxford Living Dictionaries offers a more comprehendible interpretation, however, describing spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

Experts, too, provide their own descriptions of spirituality.

Eckhart Tolle talks about his definition in this video, explaining it is “a dimension within yourself that is, you can say, deeper or higher than the continuous movement of thinking.”


Cindy Wigglesworth provides her definition of spirituality in her clip from “The Conscious Evolution DVD” set stating, within, that spirituality “is the innate desire to be connected to something larger than ourselves.”


It’s worth sitting quietly and contemplating what spirituality means to you personally and considering whether it’s present in your life. Do you balance spirituality (or a higher purpose) with daily responsibilities and the “grind,” as the hustle and bustle and workload is often called?

Maybe you have helpful advice, or your own definition of spirituality you would like to share in the comment section below?

Here’s a quote about Spiritual Love by Christina Baldwin you might enjoy:

“Spiritual love is a position of standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.”

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