Tom, after reading your article I hesitated, long enough to eat four digestive biscuits, while pondering how to offer useful advice. I’ve been around here a while, and there isn’t a definitive answer. There’s no magic formula.

All I can say from experience is when you write more, you earn more and get more claps. But not much. Not enough to warrant the effort if it’s not enjoyable for you.

You can churn out stories as if its a full-time job, yet, you won’t earn a great deal. It’s best, perhaps, to continue to write to your best ability about subjects that fill you with passion. My curated pieces are usually written while I’m in a state of flow, loving what I do. Even if they weren’t curated, I would benefit from writing them, and perhaps readers would also enjoy them.

I’ve slowed down, producing less volume of late. My muse prefers my pace and puts in more effort! As for length, I understand around 7 mins is ‘supposedly’ popular. But personally, I find it disheartening to produce a long piece that may not enjoy curation or many views. Many of my regular readers are also writers. They want to support their readers too, by pursuing their work. They favor my shorter stories over lengthy ones, I imagine, for this reason.

Keep writing. I enjoy your work, and I’m sure plenty of other folks do too. Curation will come. Most likely when least expected.

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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