The Top Five Icons on My New Year’s Eve Guest List (If Only They Were Still Alive)

Some people are so fascinating

Who would you ask to your New Year’s Eve party if you were positive they would welcome your invite (and why)? Here are my top five party guests, each of whom spark my curiosity and admiration, in no particular order.

Frida Kahlo


With her dark hair swept into coiffed plaits, interlaced with a crimson ribbon and flowers, and a traditional Mexican costume — so vivid and colorful — Frida Kahlo’s iconic appearance speaks to people for a myriad of reasons.

You might admire her visionary spirit and artistic flair. Or her capacity to stand out in her own fashion, no matter what everybody else thought of her. I would invite her to my New Year’s party, though, because of her enduring resilience and courage.

It would interest me to learn her views: Unpick the conclusions that drove her success. Her affairs were extraordinary, and the way she flourished despite sorrows and sickness an inspiration.

Nikola Tesla


I can’t help but think much of Tesla’s knowledge was left untapped. To sit with him in a quiet corner on New Year’s Eve would be a treat.

Perhaps, after a few glasses of bubbly, he’d spill the secrets of the universe. Among other things, I would learn about time travel and how to harness energy.

Maybe, he would explain where he left a stash of incredible notes about interplanetary communication.

Jesus Christ


Many of my questions for Jesus would be about what happened, but some also about his mindset and influences, and the forgotten years no one talks about: What was he doing? Was he initiated into a mystery school? Taught by spiritual masters?

And of course, it would be prudent to ask for advice about how to sort out humankind’s mess, increase understanding, and spread compassion. Come to think of it, I’m sure one evening wouldn’t be sufficient but I’d do my best.



Buddha was primarily concerned with the relief of suffering and known for his wisdom. His teachings on compassion focused around mind mastery, a subject of great interest that never goes out of fashion.

Western ideas about meditation, I believe, aren’t always accurate, so I’d love him to divulge his methods and lifestyle practices to increase mindfulness, enhance insights, and explain how to bring his wisdom into modern life. Many masters teach this, but I’d like to hear it from Siddhartha.


The 13th century Persian poet Rumi would be a delightful New Year’s guest. His talents combine compassion and wisdom with a unique gift for stringing words together in such webs of beauty. I’d enjoy hearing about his life and message to the world regarding kindness and love. And, of course, it would be terrific to listen to his poems.

“ The garden of the world has no limits except in your mind. Its presence is more beautiful than the stars with more clarity than the polished mirror of your heart.” Rumi

Frida would be the life and soul of the party, perhaps dancing, drinking, and singing loudly. Tesla might find the whole affair overwhelming or tedious. I’d need to make him comfortable. Jesus and Buddha would, no doubt, slink off to chat, while Rumi and I swapped poetry. He would be polite about mine, I’m sure, but maybe not so impressed.

Note: Many thanks Dascha Paylor for the tag. (You can read about Dascha’s guest list here).

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer