The Crossing

Leaving your familiar route?

There is a crossing on a lonely road. And everybody stumbles upon it along their journey. A few people visit it often.

And each time, they stand at its edge as their doubts, fears, and excitement rise.

Should they turn around? Go along their familiar track? Or cross over to another route?

If they part ways with the usual worn road, they might get lost. Perhaps no one will walk with them on the fresh track, and it’s often harder to be alone in unfamiliar territory.

Then again, their regular track has lost its edge. They know where they’re going and what they will see along the way. They are safe, as most other people walk beside them. But something is missing.

They know if they go to the other side to see what is there, they might find something wonderful. There could be treasure, wondrous beauty, or prosperity.

The travelers are uneasy when they face the crossing. The problem is, once walked over, the road on which their journey began disappears. They can never return.

All wise travelers, nonetheless, eventually use the crossing because if they don’t, they can’t go anywhere new.

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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