Terrific Reasons to Tune into Nature

Just ten minutes here and there could change your life and boost your wellbeing

Nature and I have been in love ever since I can remember. My earliest memory is of peering into an amethyst foxglove in the forest. It delighted me to spot a furry bumblebee climb out and fly away. I note, however, not everyone feels the same, and that’s okay. But just in case you don’t know what you’re missing, here are terrific reasons to tune into the natural world.

Being among nature resonates with your roots

People often say they love nature as if they are separate from it. It’s something wondrous they visit. They walk along the shore and listen to the waves lap. Or stroll through the woods, camera in hand — you never know when a beautiful animal, bird or plant will present itself on the path. But they forget they are nature too.

The DNA of your ancestors once scattered to the wind. Or it sunk deep into the soil where new life is born. Trees, meadows, and ancient forests are part of your roots that spread into the land and soar with wings of beauty.

You are natural. You might live in a world of gadgets, social media, and other human-made things, but you are not like your tech. You come from the same place as every living creature on the planet. They are part of you, and you are part of them.

It’s not only the sights you see amid nature’s landscapes and oceans, but the sounds and textures of the natural world that have the power to connect with you. Everything is energy and vibration, and since you and nature are one, you resonate together. Those times when you are off-kilter, you can realign by stepping into a natural environment.

The natural world gives you space to unwind

Our human-made milieu is wondrous in many ways and a testament to our intelligence. In others, not so much. The constant to-and-fro, not to mention consistent data we are meant to respond to, is hard for us to manage. It creates stress in the body and mind.

The natural world doesn’t flash moving images in front of us on a screen or torment us with discordant sounds. It doesn’t call for our attention either. It’s just quiet, there in the background. A landscape in which we can relax and let go. And as we release pressure, we find that gentle place inside of us that was out of reach when we crammed too much data into our heads.

Nature calms the soul

Without the deluge of data, worries, and responsibilities, nature lulls us back into our natural state of calmness. It soothes the soul with a hush we don’t experience elsewhere and gives us a chance to breathe deep and fill our lungs with fresh air rather than car fumes, and other smells we imagine are normal, yet aren’t always healthy to ingest.

As we relax, we shift into sync with our surroundings. We enjoy birdsong, often for the first time in ages, and other natural sounds and sights. And the most important positive side effect, perhaps, is nature’s ability to transform our anxiety. It scoops us up like a best friend’s arms and offers support while asking nothing in return.

When you’re with nature, pressure to achieve leaves

What is there to do amid nature (provided you leave your laptop at home) other than immerse your soul in its tide? There’s no one to see, nothing to rush to, and nobody to impress amid the trees or along the riverbanks.

We’ve reached the stage where there’s a constant call to do rather than just be. Even when you’ve ticked the items off of your to do list, your TV, the phone, or something else calls for your attention.

You may ignore one disturbance (something that wants to wrench you from peace) but indulge another. Nature, though, has other ideas. She’s a calm, gentle friend who doesn’t expect you to perform before you can enjoy her company.

Nature isn’t apart from you, it’s in your blood. It walks with you wherever you go, but to benefit from it, you need to immerse yourself in its environment often. Just ten minutes here and there could change your life and boost your wellbeing. Of course, spend even longer and the benefits grow.

Independent content creator, ghostwriter, author https://tinyurl.com/y2cgqhgv mental health advocate, and poet. bridgetwebbber@outlook.com

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