Sparkler Model Gets Fed-Up of Fame after Being Posted on Medium 3000 Times

The last we heard, she’d gone into hiding

Sparkler model, let’s call her Faith for privacy reasons, Faith, couldn’t wait for her big break. And that’s why she was willing to hold a lit firework for twenty minutes while a photographer took her picture on a windy evening in November.

“Most models get body doubles for this kind of shoot,” she said, but I’m willing to put in the extra effort so I become famous.

And, indeed, Faith’s dream came true. When the online write and read publication Medium began, she was inundated with people wanting to use her sparkler photograph.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she told me. “One minute, I was a regular sparkler model, who rarely made it into the limelight, and the next, I was all over the Internet. Well, mostly on Medium actually.”

“How has being a celebrity sparkler model influenced your life?” I thought it was important to discover what sort of impact going from an unknown to a veritable star had on the young woman.

“At first, it was amazing,” she told me. “I couldn’t leave the house without Medium followers stopping me in the street to ask if it was really me they’d used above their articles and stories — most of which were unrelated to actual fireworks of any sort.”

“And later?” She seemed to be implying the situation changed, and I was keen to gather insights.

“After a while, I got fed-up. I mean, I wasn’t able to go to the laundromat, or pop out to buy toilet roll, without being hassled by fans. It was the final straw when a fan got too close. She sent me numerous firework-related postcards from wherever I traveled, just to let me know she was hot on my heels.”

“How did you deal with it?” I wanted to find out how a well-known sparkler model can cope with fame and glory when it all gets too much.

“I went to a fancy-dress shop and picked out a disguise. I made sure it was seasonal, just in case people liked it and my popularity grew again. This way, I’m only the belle of the ball at Christmas. In fact, things are heating-up this time of year.”

“Will you ever consider being involved in another sparkler shoot?” After all, the question’s on each of her fan’s lips.

Image for post
Image for post

“Never again,” she said. “The fame’s not worth the lack of privacy. I’ve had to move to a small island where no one knows me as it is, and I’ve learned to stay away from sparklers. I’m just too attractive when I hold one in my hands, and it’s not fair to Medium users who are attached to my image.”

I thanked Faith for her honesty and wished her luck with her new life away from the crowds.

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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