Something Strange Afoot With Clapping and Responses…

Why oh why?

I write this out of curiosity rather than as a rant. There’s an odd event occurring. Time and time again people leave polite, encouraging words of praise below my articles in the comment section.

Yet, they don’t clap.

Why would someone give approval without applause?

Could it be they hope I’ll imagine they’ve clapped and go to their articles to clap?

Or, are many claps not registered by the Medium machine?

Do people save claps, thinking they will accumulate interest?

Are some folks professional comment robots who can’t clap?

Maybe, they’ve run out of claps? (Apparently, it can happen if you’re a clapaholic).

Or have they got poor memories and think they’ve clapped. They’re so excited to comment they go straight to the leave-your-words box and forget about claps?

They surely can’t all be insincere?

Some, I note, leave links to ‘their’ articles after a word or two of praise. Cheeky monkeys.

Have you experienced this strange happening?

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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