Sleepy All the Time? You Might Be Allergic to Your Bed

Check your bedding isn’t making you ill

The last thing you want to be told when you are tired is you’re incompatible with your bed. Nonetheless, you might suffer from an allergic reaction that makes you need more sleep when you duck under the covers.

“Feather duvet lung” may not actually be as new as it seems, but the condition has only just been recognized. The chances are many people have suffered from an allergy to their feather-filled bedding before, but not understood their symptoms as bed-related. Indeed, some of you reading this article could be allergic to your duvet or pillows.

It’s long been recognized that dust mite droppings, which accumulate in bedding after a while, can cause unpleasant respiratory reactions. When anyone mentions allergies and beds, that’s what they tend to think. Feather duvet lung, however, has nothing to do with bed bugs, mites, or other creepy crawlies that share your bed.

The problem can arise when you breathe in dust from bird feathers, and many pillows and duvets are stuffed with goose or duck down. Not everyone is sensitive to feathers, but those of you who are will feel rotten as a result.

The warning signs of feather duvet lung might not be obvious when you snuggle down at night, especially since one is fatigue. You go to bed because you’re tired, after all.

If you are tired all the time, huff and puff when you climb the stairs, feel faint occasionally, and long to go back to bed, it’s wise to check your bedding isn’t making you ill.

It’s thought an immune response occurs when the feather dust is inhaled and leads to inflammation and reduced breathing ability. If you are short of breath, and have feather bedding, you could always experiment by changing your pillows and duvet for non-feather variety and see if your symptoms improve. Catching the problem fast is important because it lessens the chances of permanent lung scarring.

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