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Uplifting quotes from The Bolt-Hole


“Don’t wait for pleasure to tap on your shoulder; find it. Happiness is an active pursuit, so move, socialize for fun, and activate a momentum of joy.”

Excerpt from Top Habits of Happy People to Steal

“In every problem hides a treasure. You just have to uncover it and hold it up to the light. It’s the darkness it reflects, though, that makes it visible.”

Excerpt from Without Shadows, You Can’t See What’s Beautiful in the Light

“The sheer relief of not having to be or do anything remarkable gives you the freedom to break the mold. You start doing things you love rather than what you think you should do, and you shine.”

Excerpt from You Don’t Need to Be Successful (What a Relief!)

“Step-up self-care. Take care of you. No one else will do it. Self-care boosts inner strength. You already have willpower. Now eat more spinach. Meditate. Buy shoes that don’t hurt your feet.”

Excerpt from A Letter to My Past Self During the Hardest Time of Life

“Challenges in which people behave badly toward you beg you to rise. They require you learn your value and find inner strength. Once you note your significance, courage grows and you react powerfully. Not with aggression, but with the strength that’s been inside you all along.” BW

Excerpt from Stop Waiting for Someone to Change

“Angry outbursts, worries, and self-defeating talk are second arrows. Once you recognize them, you will see how much they harm you and stop creating them in favor of greater peace of mind.”

Excerpt from Buddhist Parable to Reduce Suffering

“Acknowledge self-talk, but let it exist as a separate entity. See yourself as someone who hears it, but doesn’t produce its content. As a witness of thoughts, you’ll gain space in which calm wisdom floods.”

Excerpt from Wisdom Comes from Stillness Not Suffering

“When you detach from thoughts, yet witness them, you decide whether they are helpful. You note when your worries are like stuck records and shift the needle to a different tune.”

Excerpt from How Mindfulness Meditation Increases Awareness

“Unless you’re dealing with someone truly evil who plans to do terrible things, consider their needs as well as yours. Work toward a result that favors you both. Tell them what you’re doing too, so they can work with you rather than against you.”

Excerpt from Do You Fight Fair?

“Love your silly side and break fusty rules that age you. You’ll soon halt needless decline and gain a bright perspective.”

Except from Your Attitude Can Keep You Young

“Accept you are as normal as anyone gets, yet a little weird and faulty, and you’ll shine.”

Excerpt from How Accepting Your Imperfections Can Make You Happy

“Steer your course. Keep checking in with yourself. Ask, “have I veered off somewhere? Am I going in the right direction?”

Excerpt from Calm Resolve Helps You Travel to a Place of Mindful Wellbeing

“I’ve heard it said that to get what you want in life, you should be what you want. In other words, display the characteristics of what you wish to attract. If you want to be happy, then helping to make someone else happy will get you closer to your goal.”

Excerpt from How Generosity Opens Your Heart and Makes You Feel Good

“Let everyone off the hook. They, like you, have to screw up now and then. Maybe you were in their path and are part of their journey. Teach them to be kind and forgiving by showing them how to let go of blame.”

Excerpt from Letter to My Future Eighty-Year-Old Self.

“You’re not worth less just because somebody doesn’t see your value.”

“Focus on what’s right in your life and what’s wrong will fade.”

“What makes you different helps you shine.”

“A kind heart contains all the gold you’ll ever need.”

“Let go of the past (it’s over). Forget the future (it hasn’t happened yet) and embrace the peace of stillness (it’s the only moment that exists).”

BW (And lots of other people, but it’s worth mentioning again!)

“When you’re sad, collect evidence of beauty and love. Let this be your job above all else and what you find will heal you.”

“What do you want? Have courage. Draw a solid line so nobody steps over it.”

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Independent content creator, ghostwriter, author mental health advocate, and poet.

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