Like you should be happy all the time…

Who cares about happiness myths? You may wonder. Well fantasies about how life should be screw you up and over. They make you imagine you aren’t living the right way.

You strive for perfection, according to what people advise you, but it’s impossible. These happiness myths could knock you off balance if unrecognized.

You should be happy all the time

New Age media promotes happiness, and rightly so. It’s fantastic to be happy, and yet, you are misguided if you assume you’re supposed to be joyful 100% of the time.

No one is designed for full-time joy. If you were always happy, you’d never learn and grow. Life’s struggles are your teachers. They help you master setbacks and discover how your mind works.

Happiness is meant to come and go because you must experience diversity to find wisdom.

If you aren’t happy, your life is a mess

If you embark on a deliberate journey toward self-mastery, at some point, you’ll note positivity is cool and negativity, not so much. Happiness is positive, right? So you’ll endeavor to boost joy and purge life’s shadows.

Since you are supposed to experience highs and lows, there’s nothing wrong with negativity; it’s part of evolution. Like sand irritating an oyster, negativity stimulates you to develop like a pearl. So, your lifestyle might be messy sometimes, and your relationships might involve challenges. But it’s okay to go through periods of unhappiness — uncomfortable, yes. Even downright depressing, but natural, nonetheless.

Happiness is full-on joy and sunshine

What about those times when you are happy — life’s highs aren’t always bliss-filled. They often involve comfortable contentment. Studies show the happiest people in the world aren’t overflowing with glee. Their relative state of equilibrium provides satisfaction.

You can’t be happy unless you do something extraordinary with your life

We love a good story about someone who’s found their purpose and done something remarkable. Most people, however, lead regular lives. You need not strive to be famous, wealthy, or carry out amazing feats of ingenuity to lead a happy life. It’s okay to be a regular Joe or Alice.

Many joys stem from everyday experiences. Raising a family, building close relationships, appreciating your job, nature, and pets. These are the bread of life and can make you happy.

Happy people don’t have problems

You can be happy in a general sense and still run into difficulties. Even super-happy people meet challenges. You might see experts, gurus and so forth, who seem to have got it together, but they face similar misfortunes to those you meet. They still deal with illness, difficult people, and unexpected problems.

It’s fine to have role models, those folks who look like they have blissful lives of ease and wonder, though, get toothache, digestive issues, and are sometimes grumpy.

Happiness isn’t an enigma. Believe myths, however, and you may find it puzzling. Accept you aren’t meant to be happy always, expect trials, and be glad when you’re content, even if you aren’t swinging through rose vines with sunbeams shining from your chakras. At least unexploded fantasies won’t give you the blues.

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