Medium Writer Threatens to Divorce Husband Because He Refuses To Give Fifty Claps for Dinner

“He always gives one measly clap afterward, and I’m fed up of it”

“I cooked his favorite meal,” says Medium writer Gail, 32. “And I spent ages researching to get the right ingredients first, so it was full of flavor.”

“I could see he really enjoyed it because he finished the entire meal. I mean, every single scrap was gone from the plate. He even said a positive comment when he finished.”

“The only trouble is, he’s a single clapper. It doesn’t matter how much he enjoys meals, he always gives one measly clap afterward, and I’m fed up of it. It makes me feel like he doesn’t appreciate me.”

And Gail’s not alone. Stay-at-home Medium writer and dad Paul had this to say about his wife Sue.

“When she got home from the office, even though my day with the babies was tough, the entire house was clean. I scrubbed, vacuumed, and polished just to make her happy.”

I asked whether she gave him 50 claps for his time and effort.

“Well, yes, actually. She did. But I am upset because she didn’t bother to look at my work properly. She gave the front porch a cursory glance, 5 seconds max. And then said ‘bravo’ and clapped like crazy. What’s the point of all that clapping if she didn’t look at the house?”

“I have to say, her behavior makes me think she pretends to appreciate me because she wants me to like the things she does.”

Gladys, a Medium reader, often upsets her husband Larry with critical comments. This is what he has to say about the matter.

“She always thinks she knows best, and she doesn’t necessarily know what she’s talking about. She’ll say I’ve missed a bit when I wipe the windows, for instance, but she’s not really looking properly. Sometimes, I wonder if she’s hoping to find fault.”

“On other occasions, she undermines my hard work. Let’s say, for example, I’ve put up new shelves. Rather than look at what I’ve done and tell me what a good job it is, she directs me to something she’s done and waits for praise. I find that weird, and a tad selfish.”

Medium reader and writer Jenny has trouble with her Medium reader writer spouse Dave too.

“I was tired when I came home, but I made an effort to listen to Dave tell me about his day, what he’d done and where he’d been. I admired the way he’d shined his shoes and a doodle he sketched at the office. And I thought, great. It’s ‘me time’ now.

“But Dave didn’t want to hear about my day or look at the dress I purchased in my lunch break. He wasn’t interested in the new ringtone I got for my phone either.”

“He sat down and played video games rather than interact with me, and I was fuming. After all, relationships are give and take. Or they should be.”

I wondered what Dave’s side of the story was, and I wanted to know why he acted that way.

“Do you know what? I just can’t be bothered. I’m exhausted after work too, and I’m not willing to listen to Jenny because, although I care, I find her stories boring.”

After these interviews with disgruntled couples, I am concerned about how long they will stay together.

“It’s no good,” Gail (the Medium writer who cooked dinner) told me. “Unless he appreciates my meals with the whole enchilada when I know he enjoys them, we’re getting a divorce.”

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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