It’s Best to Choose Seeds Consciously

Or you’ll grow something you don’t want

✨ Bridget Webber



“What’s in the envelope?” my husband asked.


“Yes, I can see that. But what type of seeds?”

“Can’t remember. I knew when I put them in there.”

“But you don’t know now.”


I’m sure I imagined I’d never forget the kind of seeds I placed in the envelope when I carried out the deed. Later though, after moving house, I had no idea.

“They’re coming up!” I exclaimed, excited to see what they would become, having planted them out of curiosity.

After their emergence, we checked them every day. I even looked at them morning and evening.

Eventually, they grew into we know not what, and I recalled how I had collected the seeds from an unidentified plant I thought might have potential.

“Maybe they will sprout blooms and attract butterflies,” I’d pondered as I filled the envelope.

The plants we grew, however, didn’t do any such thing. Indeed, visitors told me they were weeds.

Nonetheless, having watched them grow, I was attached to them and wouldn’t let them go.

“Why are you still watering those weeds?” my husband asked.

“Because we tended them and saw them sprout,” I answered.

Many aspects of life, I note, are like the story of the unidentified seeds. Often, we cultivate bad habits and negative personality traits. We don’t recognize them as such at the time.

Later, though, we know they are unattractive and do nothing for us. But we are familiar with them. They are part of our comfort zone, and we put time and effort into them.

These days, I’m careful about the seeds I grow. I label seed packets. Likewise, when I find an unhelpful habit, I stop tending it. It’s already planted but will fade if I stop feeding it.

I do my best, too, to avoid developing habits I know will be challenging to uproot later. Being human, of course, I’m not perfect. Diligence, however, helps me focus on planting traits and seeds I will enjoy once they grow.

  • Note: Weeds don’t exist. A plant’s a plant, but I prefer to grow those I find beautiful.



✨ Bridget Webber

Freelance writer, avid tea-drinking meditator, and former therapist interested in spiritual growth, compassion, mindfulness, creativity, and psychology.