These Professional Pet Dog Snapshot Tips Will Help You Take Fabulous Photographs

Improve your pet photography skills; you owe it to your pooch

So many pooches are snapped in compromising positions, poor light, or not from their best side. This ails them. They worry a great deal about not looking their best in the family album. Here’s how you can cheer up your best pal and make sure he doesn’t cringe when visitors look at his photos.

Holiday snaps

The first hurdle for any serious pet photographer, or you, this time of year is figuring out how to take stunning photos of their dog on vacation. Everybody will want to view your snaps when you get back home, so they need to be super.

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Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

This is a great little snap of a dog reading a local guidebook.

Considerations to worry about when you take a photo include:

Heat: You don’t want your pooch to flake out in the sun while you ponce about trying to fit a lens on your camera. Give him plenty of water to drink and paddle in, choose a shady glade, and spritz him with Evian now and then.

Insects that bite and sting: No one likes these. Especially your dog when he’s in a strange environment having his picture taken. Ban all creepy crawlies from the shooting site until the job’s complete.

Distractions: If you aren’t stringent about him sitting tight while you click the shutter, he’s liable to chase camels, zebras, or other native creatures such as penguins. Use the command “stay” and all will be well.

This dog on his boat looks cool and confident; just the type of snap you should take.


Hard to believe, I’m sure, but selfies are in right now. Don’t be surprised if you walk into your hotel room after a night out and discover your dog using your selfie stick to his advantage.

Rather than tell him off, it’s best to educate him so he doesn’t make a fool of himself. Look at the examples below and you’ll see just how messed up pooch selfies are when no instructions are provided.

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Photo by Alejandro on Unsplash

This dog has turned the wrong way around.

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Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

This dog clicked the shutter before she was ready.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This dog forgot to face the camera at all.

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Photo by Marina Laduda on Unsplash

Can you spot the mistake this dog made?


“Settings” refers to the place your dog is positioned when you take his photo. We won’t discuss camera settings just yet, they are for advanced photographers. Just switch the camera on, point it in the right direction, zoom in and out if you want, and click.

The backdrop for your pooch pics are vital if you are to take a decent snap. It should go without saying not to place your white husky against a pale wall, but do bear this in mind, anyway.

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Photo by Sridhar Chilimuri on Unsplash

This dog won’t show up well in snow.

Make certain he stands out from the background and isn’t positioned anywhere scary. I once took a snap of a Doberman next to a working windmill. He wasn’t amused when the sails went round.

Find his best side

Get this wrong, and your dog won’t forgive you. All dogs secretly want to look like Lassie in photographs rather than Tramp after he’s finished eating spaghetti, so be vigilant. Clean his face and observe it from both sides. Which is the best?

How to make him smile in snapshots

Unless you want to take a solemn snap, do take care to ensure your dog has a smile on his face when you press the shutter. Unlike humans who enjoy saying “cheese” when they have their photo taken, dogs like to actually eat cheese. It makes them happy. Forget Cheddar. Give him Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino Toscano: You are on holiday after all.

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Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash

This dog hasn’t been given cheese.

Now you know how to take a wonderful photograph of your pal. Happy snapping!

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