How to Increase Personal Enlightenment

5 ways you can encourage insights and wisdom

The growth of enlightenment brings clarity and autonomy. As an enlightened thinker, you discard illusions and seek truth. Unhelpful social constructs and second-hand limitations are dropped in favor of wisdom, and your awareness and spiritual understanding grows too. Use these five practices to expand your mind.

Question collective norms

You know what you read on clickbait Internet sites is sometimes false, so you don’t assume it to be accurate. Most likely, you are open to questioning such information.

The rest of the time, though, you may not see life’s illusions. When veiled as beliefs, or common practice, they often go unrecognized.

Get into the habit of searching for the truth. Rather than go with the flow, consider whether data might be inaccurate. The same goes for self-imposed restrictions that hold you back. Challenge the widely held beliefs of society and look out for erroneous thoughts.

You need not be suspicious of everything, just get curious. Stay open-minded rather than automatically assuming information is correct.

Master your mindset

Does negative self-talk rule your head? A constant flow of disparagement takes its toll on your well-being. It also stunts enlightenment because it controls your mindset.

Critical judgments lower your self-esteem when personal and at other times create separation between you and other people. If you learn to stem the flow of critical banter and go within, unwanted thoughts will fade. You’ll get better at finding peace and calm too because you’ll have more control over your mind.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you find the quiet space in your psyche and take charge of your thoughts and inner wellness.

Focus on what you support

People often look at what they dislike and protest when they meet ideas, and individuals, that challenge their beliefs and ideals. Only trouble is, when you are anti rather than pro everything, you support negativity and reduce advanced thinking.

A hostile mindset leads to a narrow perspective of the world and everyone in it. A pro mindset — supporting what is liked and seen as healthy — boosts mental illumination and connectedness.

Ditch anti types of thought and action and support everything you find healthy and beautiful. As a result, more ways to improve the world will occur to you and you’ll have greater clarity than someone who focuses on what they dislike.

Step into people’s shoes

Although you can’t know for certain why people behave and think as they do by imagining you are in their shoes, doing so will get you closer to such insights.

Ponder what you might be like if you lived someone else’s life. Would you act differently than you do at present? Maybe you would adopt different opinions.

Let your imagination help you close the chasm between you and people you think are dissimilar to you. As well as gaining understanding about their intentions, you might find they are like you in ways you hadn’t noted before now.

Practice being non-judgmental

Most judgments spring from the ego — an enemy of enlightenment. Your ego finds fault and increases separation, isolating you and motivating you to dislike people, cultures, and concepts. It blinds you to truth and shuts out compassion.

When you are tempted to judge, recall you are motivated by your ego and take stock. Be impartial and see what transpires. You’ll gain a wide perspective and gather more knowledge than you would if you labeled everything as “good” or “bad.”

Note it’s possible to see what’s happening in your surroundings without creating an inner dialogue to describe events. (Self-talk usually involves opinions). The more you observe rather than judge, the more expansive your mindset will be and insights will grow.

Becoming enlightened isn’t easy; you must challenge your thinking habits and change your outlook. Practicing, though, will offer positive results and inspire you to continue on your journey.

Copyright © 2019 Bridget Webber. All rights reserved

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Copyright © 2019 Bridget Webber. All rights reserved

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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