How to Increase Personal Enlightenment

5 ways you can encourage insights and wisdom

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Question collective norms

You know what you read on clickbait Internet sites is sometimes false, so you don’t assume it to be accurate. Most likely, you are open to questioning such information.

Master your mindset

Does negative self-talk rule your head? A constant flow of disparagement takes its toll on your well-being. It also stunts enlightenment because it controls your mindset.

Focus on what you support

People often look at what they dislike and protest when they meet ideas, and individuals, that challenge their beliefs and ideals. Only trouble is, when you are anti rather than pro everything, you support negativity and reduce advanced thinking.

Step into people’s shoes

Although you can’t know for certain why people behave and think as they do by imagining you are in their shoes, doing so will get you closer to such insights.

Practice being non-judgmental

Most judgments spring from the ego — an enemy of enlightenment. Your ego finds fault and increases separation, isolating you and motivating you to dislike people, cultures, and concepts. It blinds you to truth and shuts out compassion.

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