How to Accept Yourself Unconditionally by Accepting Your Journey

The place you’re ‘at’ can help you grow

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4 min readJun 11, 2022
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Life’s journey isn’t always straightforward. We meet rocks on the road, stumble, and have choices. We can get back up, dust ourselves off, and realize the obstacles in our paths do not defeat us. Then, we might even begin to enjoy traveling. Or we can stay down when we fall and get upset, wondering whether we’re unacceptable or worthy of the voyage.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, life seems complicated, and you feel you’re not up to scratch.

A challenge looks overwhelming, or nothing’s inherently wrong: you’re just comparing yourself to someone super-sexy, smart, or talented and come off worse for wear.

So often, we pick on our supposed faults and focus on them, imagining others see us as we do.

The truth is that few people see us as we see ourselves, and they rarely notice the things we dislike. Even if they think we have flaws, our imperfection makes us more relatable and can endear us to them. After all, it gives us something in common with everybody else on the planet.

It’s vital to recognize we can’t be the same as other people and need not compare ourselves to them. When you think about it more closely, you may realize there’s little value in copying others’ fine traits because we aren’t built to resemble them and can’t do so well.

We’re far better off noticing our best qualities and highlighting them. Our uniqueness makes us shine, and just as we can’t be like anyone else, they can’t be the same as us.

The inner electricity that gives us a special glow comes from being who we are without trying to emulate other people. And our uniqueness is an essential feature as we travel through life, allowing us to see the journey as only we can, through our perspective rather than anyone else’s view.

Self-acceptance and unconditional positive regard can help you stop thinking you need to be like everyone else.

It can help you see the benefits of being you and recognize your finer qualities: the type other people wish they had.

These tips on how to accept yourself unconditionally can help you stop beating yourself up about not meeting your expectations and love yourself unashamedly as you.

How To Accept Yourself Unconditionally:

Love your unique self

Learn to appreciate yourself and your unique qualities. Your personality is more significant than anything material you own or your social success and accolades.

Get to know yourself like you would a new friend and fall in love.

Not in a narcissistic, selfish way, but a warm, joyful one.

What do you love about yourself?

Maybe you’re kind, funny, or courageous?

Perhaps you are creative, musical, or can dance like a deva?

Focus on the qualities you would admire in a new pal and celebrate being you!

Accept that every person is at a specific juncture in their life journey

I once heard it said we walk to the same destination.

As you walk, you might glance behind you and see many people.

Or you may look ahead and see many people there, too.

Those in front of you have already walked in your footsteps.

They’ve been through similar experiences and learned the same life lessons.

Those behind you haven’t yet had the same experiences and lessons as you.

But they will.

So, it doesn’t matter who is ahead of you or behind you and what they’ve achieved.

All that matters is we share a journey but are in different places, and where you are is right for you.

Realize your inner nature is paramount

If you aren’t happy with yourself, remember you can change.

You will alter on autopilot simply because of moving through life.

However, you can make positive changes on purpose and speed up your evolution.

If you need to boost self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth, ramp up self-mastery, learn new skills, and teach others helpful lessons.

You’ll contribute to society while growing and increasing positivity.

Boost gratitude

Gratitude affects you on the inside, where your emotions grow. When you appreciate your life and blessings, you can’t view challenges as detrimental to your overall well-being.

Doubtless, they might be painful or difficult. But, armed with gratitude, you can also see difficulties bring life lessons and help your wisdom and experience grow.

Expand a loving attitude

A loving attitude will help you traverse your life with less injury. Gratitude and kindness are buffers against a harsh world of unkindness and fear.

When you ramp up kindness, you create a boundary between yourself and giving up when life sucks. As a result, your resilience grows, and you foster warmth and understanding in your psyche that helps you pull through.

Your journey is unique. To travel well, you must embrace your complete self, lock, stock, and barrel. Accept who you are and build positivity. Your attitude will make the voyage of life more exciting and treasure-filled than you imagine.

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