Have You Put Your Potential in the Wrong Place?

The trick to finding your niche

Are you desperately trying to make a success of a venture, but it’s not working out?

Do you rarely get the results you want?

Does your workday drag like your feet are stuck in clay?

Are you bored?

Is your muse absent most of the time?

You’re in the wrong niche.

Remember the movie American Tale? The hero looks at the stars and appreciates someone loves him under the same big sky, but lives in another location.

The hero’s realization is relevant. Somewhere, there’s the perfect environment for you. In that special place people will lap up your fine qualities and think your kooky traits are brilliant.

If you’re in the wrong environment, you will look as lackluster as Miss Havisham’s candlesticks. No amount of polishing would help them shine in the jilted bride’s unloved abode.

Indeed, Dicken’s portrayal of the uneaten wedding feast in Great Expectations shows what happens if you are in the wrong place.

Forget calls to sit tight

Self-improvement media will urge you to dampen your greatness and be like everyone else.

Copy successful people it will urge.

Follow this suggestion and you might, at best, become ordinary in a job you find mediocre.

The trick to finding your niche — that super-comfy and wonderful profession — is to seek work that fits you rather than squeeze into a career that’s not your size.

Uncover your hidden gems

Your personality gems are the traits that make you uniquely you. People often disguise such treasures because others tell them it’s a good idea.

When friends and relatives view ways you differ from the average bear, they recoil in fear as though you’ve just dropped your towel in the dressing room.

You’re left with the impression your individuality is too messy to be seen in public and you must mask the things that make you powerful.

Your gems are strong qualities that once stood out. Maybe you loved building tree houses that looked like spaceships when you were a kid.

Or you dressed in quirky fashion and wore your hair like a geisha. Your parents and other people you met will have insisted you stop.

Then again, your personality gems may be subtle, yet distinctive. You might be especially kind-hearted or funny. Or have an affinity with oak trees or draw caricatures in your spare time.

Perhaps, you are detail oriented or terrific at seeing the big picture. You may have a talent for public speaking, getting others to work as a team, or coming up with fresh ideas.

You might be a perfectionist, stubborn, or persistent and people have told you these are bad traits and best wiped out. But they are wrong. Whatever is a big part of your individual makeup is a gift to be expanded.

The point is your greatness already exists. You need to let it show in an environment where it’s respected and cherished.

Are you in the wrong niche?

Your chosen profession might be right for you. The problem may be you’re doing it in the wrong place or following other people’s ideas that don’t suit you.

Or, your job may not make use of your personality gems. People sometimes take work that doesn’t help them shine. Ask yourself if the unique qualities you hold sacred, or want to get out of the closet and polish, are utilized.

How to recognize the perfect niche

You’ll know when you’re in the right niche. Clients will find you and return later. People will ask you for your expert opinion. Time will disappear when you work as you’ll be in a state of flow.

You could be doing all the right things in the wrong environment. Or, you might have adopted other people’s suggestions about how to shine when your own stare you in the face.

To be happier and more successful, look for your niche and do what makes your heart sing.

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Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer https://tinyurl.com/y2cgqhgv

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