Gratitude Is a Terrific Prescription for Stress

Try these suggestions to increase thankfulness

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When you’re kind and forgive people, your relationship health and happy hormones skyrocket. Here’s why and how to ignite thankfulness.


Acts of generosity and kindness boost morale and make us want to increase compassionate behavior.

Unconditional kindness is a loving quality that offers acceptance. It expects nothing in return, is unrestricted, and extends to everyone we meet.

We tend to offer kindness to close family and friends and withhold it from people we don’t know well. But we could expand our thoughtfulness to everyone. The result would be greater joy all round.


Forgiveness frees us from blame and condemnation. When we let go of vindictive thoughts and deeds and forgive everyone, including ourselves, we become light. Our emotional burdens, often referred to as baggage, lift, and we are liberated.

Rather than hold resentment, we process feelings and move to sunnier inner climes. Left to fester, our emotions increase stress: We feed negativity and our wellbeing suffers. When we let them go, life improves. We transform into wise, calm people, closer to our natural, desired state of being. We also don’t mull over how events should have turned out so much and accept them as they are.

How to increase kindness and forgiveness each day

Create an intention

•Before you close your eyes at night and open them in the morning, recall the intention to promote kindness and forgiveness.

•During the day, see meetings others as opportunities to be helpful.

•When old negative ways of responding to circumstances occur, pause. Breathe deep and release the need to get upset.

•Remember, when you are kind, feel-good hormones zap you with energy and improve your frame of mind.

Promote wellness

Look after your needs and your stress will diminish, and you’ll feel more like being kind. Illness and discomfort make raising compassion tough. Calmness and balance, on the other hand, let you see the world with positive eyes. You don’t look for negativity since you focus on higher matters.

  • Eat well. Be grateful for every meal and tasty snack. It might even taste better!
  • Exercise. Love moving your body and the buzz you get from it.
  • Spend time with happy people. Their joy is infectious.
  • Walk amid nature. Nature has a soothing influence on your mental state while it invigorates the body.
  • If you notice sadness or discomfort rise, go somewhere quiet, relax, and consider what’s wrong.

•Acknowledge and let go of negativity so it won’t fester.

Be kind to you

Be kind to yourself. Then it won’t be hard to extend goodwill. Before you forgive others, it helps to love and accept yourself.

•Let go of the disparaging voice in your mind; note it, but don’t place importance on its content. The more compassionate you are, the less it will condemn you.

•When others issue harsh judgments, and they will if they don’t love themselves, don’t take their criticism onboard. They can’t practice kindness well until they are free from personal hang-ups — those they project onto you. People who don’t love themselves are defensive and critical. Knowing this will help you forgive.

Keep a gratitude journal

By now, no doubt, you’ve heard it’s useful to keep a gratitude journal. But you might not recognize how powerful it is to put those things that give rise to joy down in black and white. When you write about what you’re grateful for, you literally count your blessings. You’re emphasizing them by placing your attention on them, and that focus helps you see those little wonders that make life more enjoyable and wonderful.

•Make it a habit to write about events that made you happy during the day before you climb under the covers to sleep at bedtime. You’ll fall asleep in a good mood and are likely to wake feeling good in the morning.




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