Giving Love Helps You Receive Love

Have you ever noticed love stems from inside you rather than somewhere out there in the universe?

Two hands hold a love heart made from flowers.
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Love creation

Whether you’re in the honeymoon period of a relationship, enjoying a love of life, or feelings of love for your child overwhelms you, you are experiencing the marvel of love creation.

We are responsible for love in our lives

If the ability to experience love depends on our openness to creating it and our interpretation, we are responsible for how we handle love in our lives.

We are attracted to love

The good news is that we strive for love as plants reach for the light. So even if we don’t fall into nourishing surroundings when we enter the world, we have an innate propensity to seek love and head toward it.



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✨ Bridget Webber

Writer, former counselor, author, and avid tea drinker learning how to live well.