Giving Love Helps You Receive Love

Have you ever noticed love stems from inside you rather than somewhere out there in the universe?

✨ Bridget Webber
4 min readMay 27, 2022


Two hands hold a love heart made from flowers.
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When we’re in love, we might imagine that scrumptious warmth in our bellies and inner lightness comes from somebody loving us.

But when we look deeper, we will likely see we create that heady, fabulous feeling of love ourselves.

Knowing we are in charge of the love in our lives can change how we see relationships and affect our happiness.

Love creation

Whether you’re in the honeymoon period of a relationship, enjoying a love of life, or feelings of love for your child overwhelms you, you are experiencing the marvel of love creation.

Love is self-generated energy as well as transmitted energy. Even the word transmitted might push the concept of obtaining love too far.

Someone might love us, but their love doesn’t sink into us like magic. We must be open to receiving it.

You will understand the concept if you imagine somebody you dislike loves you. The individual’s love for you might soften your dislike, but if their views and behaviors are abhorrent, you won’t receive the love they want to give you.

Love doesn’t travel to us on autopilot.

We also receive it in a way that may differ from another person’s way of receiving love. Our perceptions and experiences determine how we interpret information, including how we interpret love.

Sometimes, if we are very positive and full of self-generated love, we can experience love by observing a delicate flower or watching a beetle scurry in the sunshine. Gratitude and beauty mingle inside us until our emotions rise to love.

If we are full of negativity, we may see the same scenarios and interpret them differently. Rather than experience warmth, love, and amazement, we experience disgust and fear because we have lost our connection to love momentarily.

The same goes for our relationships. Our partner, friend, or family member might love us, but if we are angry with them, we might shut out their love and not feel it.

We sometimes tell ourselves negative stories about people and events. Such tales become blocks to giving and getting love. Thus, our self-talk could say somebody behaves in ways that oppose our cherished values. So we might decide they are terrible people and build resentment toward them.

We are open to hate and fear when we entertain negative stories. These emotions seem to lie at the opposite end of the love spectrum. But we still have love in mind. However, we love our values rather than accepting that other people have a right to their opinions.

We are responsible for love in our lives

If the ability to experience love depends on our openness to creating it and our interpretation, we are responsible for how we handle love in our lives.

Of course, we are like acorns that drop from an oak tree. Sometimes the environment is kind, and the earth nourishes us and helps us grow. But, at other times, our surroundings are unsupportive, and it’s harder to learn about love because we have fewer role models.

We learn to give love, generate love, and interpret love in constructive ways from our experiences. So we depend on each other to help us grow.

The journey continues once we have healthy role models as we recognize how to apply love to ourselves and everyone around us. Only then can we create the energy of love when we watch nature and feel it in the breeze.

We are attracted to love

The good news is that we strive for love as plants reach for the light. So even if we don’t fall into nourishing surroundings when we enter the world, we have an innate propensity to seek love and head toward it.

Of course, we may meet difficulties on the path to love. But the obstacles we face are life lessons teaching us what love is and how to create and receive love.

It’s helpful to understand your mindset affects your experience of love and whether it enters your heart. Otherwise, you might rely on people to give you love but not recognize you need to get involved in its creation.

The first step toward love creation might be to intend to speak with love and craft-loving thoughts. Sometimes, unloving thoughts and words may arise, but you can self-correct.

If the exercise is challenging, you can be willing to love people. Let your willingness crack open the door to love.

Another way to create more love in your life is to practice the art of gratitude. Thankfulness lifts your emotions and makes reaching love easier, as do joy and compassion. Tend to these emotions, and love will follow.

Bridget Webber is a writer and nature lover, often found in the woodland, meadow, and other wild places. She writes poetry and stories and pens psychology articles; her love of discovering what rests inside the thicket and the brain compels her to delve deep. She’s appeared in many leading publications and ghostwrites for professionals who can’t spare the time to pen compositions.

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✨ Bridget Webber

Life story coach, counselor, hypnotherapy, NLP, writer, and avid tea-drinking meditator.