Do You Look Back and Smile or Repent?

When you regret you overlook wisdom

Michelle C. Ustaszeski had a point when she said “Never look back and regret, look back and smile at what you have learned.” Still, you can’t help entertaining a few regrets momentarily.

Down too many gins, and say something unfortunate to a pal, and you might wish you could turn back the clock, for instance.

Nonetheless, you can’t help making mistakes occasionally; you’re only human, and people are built to endure gaffes and learn from them. It’s how we evolve.

Need you regret those uh oh moments — times when you wish the ground would swallow you whole because you’ve made a blunder — or is it best to see them as stepping-stones toward a better you?

My greatest mishaps were also my fattest life lessons. Sometimes, I look back and recognize life, so far, would have been more comfortable if I’d made sensible decisions more often. But, then I realize I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have today if, yesterday, I behaved perfectly.

Perhaps true perfection isn’t about making the smartest choices after all. Maybe errors sharpen our awareness and turn us into more evolved beings.

A comfortable life, I imagine, is pleasant but lacks challenges. Like me, you probably meet difficulties and screw up intermittently.

Often, you aren’t aware you caused your angst and made life difficult for yourself. It’s only with foresight, later, you can see the events you might have handled differently led to an undesirable outcome.

Still, those times you took an awkward path or chose something hard to handle didn’t kill you. They were tough to tolerate, yes, but you came through the other side.

Mostly, “I look back and smile” at my blunders, even the silliest things, because without them I wouldn’t have met the chance to grow in wisdom.

How about you?

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” Victoria Holt

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