The answer is in your head

Most people experience days that seem to be unlucky.

On unlucky days, one difficulty after another arises. Even if you stay in, rather than go outdoors where your chances of meeting disastrous events rise, your fortune will decline for hours.

Maybe you’ll drop your toast face down during breakfast, your toothbrush will slip into the toilet, and your phone won’t work — and that’s just a warm-up to a long trail of negative happenings.

But are unlucky days real?

According to Psychologist Alexander Anghelou, whether you imagine you are lucky or not (including how you interpret events) is due to your state of mind.

“Confident people tend to attribute success to themselves and failure to bad luck or themselves. This is empowering and builds self-esteem. Others who attribute success to luck and failure to themselves will wait for luck to guide them and will eventually become insecure as they rarely take credit for their successes.”

It’s likely inauspicious days stem from a negative mindset or low well-being. You don’t concentrate well when stressed and are prone to accidents and mishaps.

At the same time, you miss opportunities to prosper, those so-called lucky people enjoy, if you are tired or uptight.

How can you counter days when calamities abound?

If you notice a pattern of negativity unfold, know it’s time to slow down, take deep breaths and re-focus. You need to take care of physical and emotional needs to reduce strain.

Whether you believe in bad luck or not, it’s wise to consider seemingly unlucky events stem from solid causes.

If you see both wanted and unwanted events are the knock-on effects of other occurrences, instead of imagining you are unsuccessful because the stars are in a twist, you can claim back your power to enforce positive change.

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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