Disconnection and Awakening: The Little Discussed Step

Transformation feels awkward


Are you on a journey of transformation? The answer’s yes, even if you don’t know it. Everybody learns and grows throughout their life.

Sometimes, though, they embark upon a series of large disengagements from the existence they once knew when awakening unfolds prominently. Let me explain.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the sense of connection associated with personal and spiritual transformation. The oneness is experienced by people who recognize a deep link between themselves and all life.

Confusion often arises, however, between the terms enlightenment and awakening. They are used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same.

The ‘oneness’ spoken of pertains to enlightenment, while awakening doesn’t necessarily contribute to a sense of oneness immediately.

Sometimes the two aspects of evolution overlap; awakening leads to flashes, the opening of enlightenment. Quite often, though, awakening happens before sparks of oneness emerge in the widest sense.

Why is the difference between awakening and enlightenment important?

It’s necessary to note the difference when you journey through the steps of awakening and find yourself disconnected.

Rather than experience divine connection and bliss on your voyage of discovery, you will face a complete change, a disconnection — either slow or fast — from your former life in which you were asleep.

What do you mean by asleep?

Have you been in a dream yet not recognized you were sleeping? Everything seemed real, and because you thought it was, and as what you believe is true, you experienced it as such.

Partway through the dream, or when you awoke in the morning, you realized you had been in a fantasy world that wasn’t real.

Awakening in your life is like ‘coming to’ after your nighttime imaginings

When you ‘come to,’ you know you’ve been asleep. You might look at your former dream (you acknowledge it existed), but you can’t live the same way anymore. You’re awake and cannot fall back to sleep on demand.

You have no choice but to exist in a state of alertness, and as you do so, fantasies and dreamlike imaginings leave.

You give up parts of your life that don’t fit your refreshed, awake self. Relationships that don’t resonate with your new way of being go. You might quit your job, move to a new abode, or change your diet and lifestyle. (Or all of these things and more).

In your state of awareness, you drop many parts of life you dislike on purpose. Others slip away before your eyes, and you might feel lost without them.

As you disconnect from nonconstructive patterns of behavior and ways of living, people, places, and other aspects of being that don’t work are no longer attracted to you, nor you to them.

Friends who dislike the new healthier version of you — since you don’t resonate with them now — disappear, and even your most cherished relationship might transform (with you) or fall apart.

When you disconnect, you might be lonely, and depressed and experience life differently than you did when you were sleeping.

You’re living in the gap between your new world — what and who you will attract due to similar vibrations — and your old world. It’s usual to feel isolated, confused, and insecure at this time.

Awakening and the dark night of the soul

Awakening and the dark night of the soul (the massive thunder roll of change and upheaval that threatens to break you) sometimes coincide. The dark night instigates revolution; it wakes you from your slumber.

It could be a life-threatening illness or accident, a painful divorce, or another event associated with great turmoil that plunges you into depression.

Having said that, you need not experience a dark night to wake up. It’s just as common to evolve less painfully, although the transformation is never easy. Awakening involves shedding some of your ego and it won’t go without a fight.

So, what can you do to lift your well-being and encourage your evolution?

Self-care and grounding

Got an up-in-the-air feeling? A sense of being nowhere, yet having to continue? You need grounding. Focus on being in your body. Note your breath (mindfulness) when panic strikes and confusion abounds.

Or exercise or surround yourself with nature. Get creative — paint, draw, write in a journal — or walk around the garden barefoot for awhile.

Look after yourself too. Recall helpful tools at your disposal, those that make you feel alive, joyful, and well. Meditation, yoga, being around animals, sitting under a tree, visualization, brainwave entrainment, your tribe (if you’ve found them already), essential oils, music, herbs — whatever feels right.

Be all right with disconnection

Rather than rage against the disconnection process, choose to be okay. Recognize it’s a necessary step on your path of transformation, and things will improve. Soon, you’ll attract a life that is right for you.

New friends, and events, will come into your life and resonate with you. Until then, relax. Remember, you’re fine; it’s normal to let go of the old and usher in fresh experiences to correlate with the updated version of you.

  • I said, “you’re fine.” But, if your awakening stems from the dark night of the soul, you might not feel okay — it’s a painful event. It’s all right to seek help and reach out, especially if you are stuck.

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