Could Your Passion Be a Mega-Buck-Generating Bad-Ass?

‘Do What You Love’ Is Terrific Advice

✨ Bridget Webber
5 min readJan 8, 2021


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Your passion might be a surprising source of wealth. But the journey to success is rarely quick, and you need backbone to get ahead. Without considerable pluck and willpower, you’re likely to give up before seeing positive results.

How often have you heard the advice to do what you love and wondered whether some crooked sycophant was leading you into a piranha pit? We’re surrounded by money-making stories, often told by ‘experts’ who say they have secret information that will make you rich.

We all know some of these folks aren’t actually as wealthy as they suggest. After all, would you bother to write articles about how well-heeled and clever you were if you genuinely had money? Probably not. You’d be busy on your yacht.

You might also be suspicious of ‘follow your dream’ articles. They attempt to persuade you to do what you want to do, and life surely can’t be that easy. To have a job you absolutely adore and make enough money to pay the bills, and more, if you’re lucky, might sound like a dream.

But what if it’s possible?

Plenty of entrepreneurs, or should I say laypeople, have found it to be so. They began their careers as ordinary folk with big aspirations. They followed their passions and changed their lives.

Their tales of success can be off-putting, though, because they often don’t mention the road to success might be long and challenging. Not everyone wants to read about the difficulties of transforming a passion into mega-bucks or even a livable income.

Readers sometimes want to hear about how easy it is to live the dream. Only learning about how successful people are, however, may make you think they have special qualities you don’t own, which means you can’t be like them.

Here are just a few true tales of minion-to-mogul to whet your appetite that don’t leave out the hard work part.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ever heard of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? It’s a gigantic, mega-buck-creating business, but the partners started their careers after a lack of work-related success. They loved food, however, and not knowing…



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