Does it matter if you’re messy or a neat freak?

Have you ever wondered if the state of your home has anything to do with your state of mind? Interestingly, how much mess you produce isn’t a problem (well, it might be if you can’t get in the front door or it stops loved ones visiting you). It’s the emotional impact of your home’s interior that counts.

If you enjoy what perfectionists unlovingly label a tip, and this is your usual style, no problem. You know where most things are, despite the chaos, and aren’t upset by piles of papers, tools on the table, and goods strewn across the floor.

Then again, if the mess in your abode bothers you, and you get stressed when you see it, it’s a problem. Until you tidy up, anxiety builds.

People have different styles when it comes to tidiness. What one person considers a terrible site, another is happy to live in and can’t understand the perfectionist’s angst.

Tidy folks link peace and calm with an ordered environment. When they spy mess, they get stressed. They see their environment as a reflection of their inner state.

Hoarders, on the other hand, find security in collecting goods and never getting rid of them.

Are you a neat freak (which I’ve been accused of myself, although I enjoy book piles) or are you most comfortable surrounded by chaos?

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