Are You Too Busy with Technology?

Relax like your ancestors

The busy modern world often overstimulates the brain, resulting in anxiety and overwhelm. Unlike modern people, our ancestors could focus when required and relax, despite working hard. They didn’t multi-task like you do.

Note how people of the past used nature and life’s natural rhythm to achieve inner harmony and you’ll wind down like they did.

Eons ago, people were only busy when they engaged in physical activity. Now, life’s demanding. Even when you sit still your mind is full.

Unlike your ancestors, it’s improbable you’ll settle by the fireside and relax. You use technology for entertainment or worry about the tasks ahead of you.

Thoughts buzz in your brain, leaving you exhausted. It’s time to slow down and relax.

The human connection

You might think your ancestors, without modern advantages, didn’t connect on a deep level. After all, you can talk to people on the other side of the planet instantly. People in days gone by used snail mail.

Nonetheless, they also communicated face-to-face on a no-frills level. There was no interference from blaring music, the TV, computers, and other gadgets.

Your ancestors told stories by candlelight. They entertained each other with witty banter or ghoulish tales. Modern families often scuttle off to separate rooms to plug into the Internet. Doing so isn’t wrong, but if you never switch off gizmos and sit in the same room, your bonds will wither. At the same time, you might be stressed.

In the past, people off-loaded concerns rather than letting them build. Alone in your room, you have time for distressing thoughts, and you don’t relax.

You isolate yourself and miss human warmth. Spend an hour a week without gadgets, in the same room as your family or friends, and your stress will lessen. You’ll experience a greater connection with them too, gaining support and companionship.

Confer with nature

Your ancestors were busy, but they listened to birdsong and watched clouds. They practiced mindfulness long before it was popular.

As a result, they enjoyed breaks from their concerns. Similarly, you can relax among nature.

Stroll in the countryside. Sit on the beach listening to the waves and watch wildlife.

Simplify your life for ten minutes a day; enjoy the natural wonders of your environment.

Technology is remarkable; it’s a sign of growth. People from days gone by had a hard life physically; their toil was immense. So, you can be glad you live in the present. True wisdom, though, means taking old knowledge and combining it with today’s improvements.

If you leave your ancestors insights behind, you’ll miss simple, effective ways to relax. Unwind in gadget-free surroundings, and your relationships and well-being will improve.

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