You’ll be well-balanced, and emotionally healthier and happier


In an ideal world, you would live in a supportive environment aiding personal growth. Your peers, colleagues, and family would lift your spirits, encouraging you to shine, and you would do the same for them.

In the real world, though, your surroundings might not help you grow and prosper, and if you wait for life to improve, you may be disappointed.

It’s smart to get rid of toxic relationships, including those with people who belittle you and your dreams. …

How to shrink verbiage


“I try to leave out the parts people skip.” Elmore Leonard

It’s disconcerting to find your readers skip paragraphs.

People will, however, skim and skip to their heart’s content; just as you do when you read.

Knowing which areas of text scream “avoid me” though is tough when it’s your own work.

How to identify the parts no one wants to read

Use another pair of peepers

Your eyes can’t discern the boring or unnecessary text you write from crafted gems because you’re biased. Someone else can do the job for you though.

If you’re worried your stories need a trim, ask a friend to…

But only because they evoke emotions


Words, of course, help us communicate. But the alphabet and many ways you can string it together triggers something more powerful than itself alone.

It stimulates emotions. The words themselves mean little, but the feelings they arouse mean a great deal.

Your words are catalysts, or the clay of the potter if you like. They break through silence and awaken the imagination, dipping into the subconscious well of hopes, dreams, and fears.

Without words, I’ve sometimes pondered, we might live more in the moment though, because we wouldn’t be so preoccupied by the memories…

My poetry eBook is finally complete!

Poetry eBook poster of rabbits, a bumble bee, a fox, and Bridget Webber’s writing quill, announcing her nature poem book.
Author’s Design Courtesy Canva

After a long time sifting through my poems, both old and new, I’ve put 100 together as an eBook.

Nature Poems to Warm the Heart and Nurture the Soul

Amazon Author Page Description:

Nature Poems to Warm the Heart and Nurture the Soul contains 100 poetic verses to help you relax amid natural wonders. From ‘Polar Bear Nights,’ where ice-stars clink and jostle for space in the cosmos, to ‘Spring’s Song,’ where ‘birds sing the plough deep,’ Chapter One transports readers through the seasons.

The ocean and the shoreline take precedence in Chapter Two, which invites you to dive into…

Poems let us glimpse what we have no words, delivered in the usual way, to express


Illuminating. Wise and adventurous. These are just a few words to describe poetry’s potential. But there’s a problem. Part, the larger part, of society is poetry-blind due to lack of familiarity with modern verse. If only poetry had a wider platform, as much as other genres, it would enjoy popularity.

The works of those poets of old sound stuffy to many young ears. It’s mostly as you age you might appreciate them. And of course, you must be exposed to them before you can judge them with any wisdom. …

As a bonus, you’ll learn something super-important at the same time

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Can you recall a time when someone gave you their complete attention? They really listened when you spoke. And they noticed your body language and used emotional intelligence. They understood you better than most other people. The result was you felt cherished. It was as though you were a parched plant that finally got watered.

You spread your leaves and bathed in the sun’s warmth. Or, in this case, you bathed in the warmth of being recognized. When we are acknowledged with intention this way, we can’t help but grow. …

If you care so much you over worry, take a break now and then

Man caring too much having a problem.
Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

We need to care about the biggest things in life. It’s wise to care about the planet, other people, and other important matters, for instance. But sometimes you might care too much about the little things that, without added attention, need not have much impact on your life or turn into problems.

Many people find themselves in an emotional state of over care at present. Not necessarily about massive issues. They are wound up and over stressed about the little aspects of life that soon dissipate when left alone.

When you give an event, either from the past or an…

Saying no need not be as hard as you think

Man learns how to say no
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Sometimes, you’re asked to do things you prefer not to do. People can be demanding. They have one-track minds: They want your attention, time, or something else from you. But you’re busy, overstretched, or want to do something else like relax.

Awareness about these factors will help you to say no

•What it’s like when you don’t know how to say no

•Times when it’s smart to say no

•Why you don’t say no

•How to increase your confidence to say no

•Recognize whether a relationship is valuable

•Setting boundaries

•How to say no politely

•How to say no to demanding people

What it’s like when you don’t know how to say no

If your sense of self is healthy, and…

You can look after your wellbeing and make sure you thrive, no matter what changes you face

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

We never know the future. Events even take fortunetellers by surprise, and right now, we’re experiencing a shared uncertainty about what’s coming. As the post-pandemic world emerges, inch by inch, we’re left to ponder various questions. Many of which evoke fear.

When can we get back to normal?

Does normal even exist anymore?

What will the new world be like?

Will we ever enjoy the intimacy and spontaneity we had before COVID-19 took over?

And there are plenty of other uncertainties, too. It’s no wonder the majority of people are shaky about the next steps they will take. They don’t…

Bridget Webber

Independent content creator, ghostwriter, author mental health advocate, and poet.

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