Rather than watch a computer screen, you will go into the metaverse

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Metaverse, a recent tech industry buzzword, refers to the most realistic virtual world to hit the internet so far. Even CEO Zuckerberg now calls Facebook Meta Platforms Inc since embracing the revolutionary concept.

The idea is to take virtual reality to the next level, whereby various virtual environments connect. Patrons…

What makes some people cool and unflappable while others boil with rage?

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Some people meltdown at the slightest affront. When they see an unruly driver or obstructive stranger, they erupt and imagine the worst. They determine the person who does something inconvenient means to undermine them. Unruffled folks see these conditions differently.

Why do motives matter?

What someone does often matters less than their motivation, which…

It makes sense to prioritize what matters and separate it from what you won’t be sad to leave behind when the Grim Reaper calls

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Not long ago, many people began work during their morning commute to the office. Throngs of laptop-clad early birds tapped away on buses and trains, hoping to get ahead of the productivity game. Then Covid swept the world and silenced the blind enthusiasm to do, do, do, and ignited slowdown.

It takes an enormous effort to carry all that weight around with you

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We don’t call a painful past emotional baggage without good reason. Negative memories are heavy. Like actual luggage, they are a burden. If you want to travel light, you must get rid of distressing memories before they impair your life.

Any experience you regard as negative influences you

The weight you bear is unhealthy­­, whether you are angry…

Bridget Webber

Mental health advocate. Author of ‘The Warm Hum of Bees’ and ‘Nature Poems to Warm the Heart.’

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