It makes sense to prioritize what matters and separate it from what you won’t be sad to leave behind when the Grim Reaper calls

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Not long ago, many people began work during their morning commute to the office. Throngs of laptop-clad early birds tapped away on buses and trains, hoping to get ahead of the productivity game. Then Covid swept the world and silenced the blind enthusiasm to do, do, do, and ignited slowdown.

It won’t die until you stop feeding it

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It’s hard to find a well-being book without a reference to forgiveness, and for a good reason.

Forgiveness puts the ferocious beast of bitterness in its cage.

The only problem is, the notion you are wise to forgive is so familiar that you mightn’t take note — a case of…

His out-of-the-ordinary perception made me catch my breath

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W. H. Auden wrote poetry, but most of all, he studied love under a microscope. Much of his work expressed his inner pondering and debates about how to define love. …

It takes an enormous effort to carry all that weight around with you

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We don’t call a painful past emotional baggage without good reason. Negative memories are heavy. Like actual luggage, they are a burden. If you want to travel light, you must get rid of distressing memories before they impair your life.

Any experience you regard as negative influences you

The weight you bear is unhealthy­­, whether you are angry…

We all shed what no longer fits us

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That chestnut tree,
so bold and bright,
hangs over the gray cracked slab in the boneyard,
an umbrella of cherry brown baubles to decorate the dead.

I am seven,
dressed in my sister’s green frock, I admired,
wanting her to sprout a thicker waist and long arms so it would be mine…

After wading through treacle, you might find peace

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We often suffer when we judge ourselves and other people. Can you imagine what life would be like if we stopped, even if only for one day? There would be fewer worries and greater calm.

Doubtless, we might enjoy our day-long experiment and want to repeat it. Initially, the task…

One of the best reasons to exist is to serve

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The last thing on your mind when your mood is low might be to give to others. Whether it’s your time, energy, or something else, though, your altruism can upgrade your temperament.

I’ve heard it said that to get what you want, you should be what you want. Display the…

Follow these tips and leave lethargy at the door

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Staying power has a lot to do with resilience and motivation. It leads you where you want to go and helps you see plans through to the end. When you tap into your essential courage and tenacity, there’s no stopping you. …

Ride the Waves and You’ll Stay on Your Feet

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Leave your happiness to chance, and you’re in for a rough ride. Circumstances outside your control will send your emotional wellness up and down, and you’ll sink in the ocean of gloom repeatedly. Sometimes the waves you meet will be small. The sea might even be placid. …

Bridget Webber

Mental health advocate. Author of ‘The Warm Hum of Bees’ and ‘Nature Poems to Warm the Heart.’

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