It’s time to tweak your circuitry

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Your beliefs come from many sources, one of which is conditioning.

Understand what your conditioned beliefs are (and why you have them) and you can change those that hurt you.

What are conditioned beliefs?

Imagine your parents reward you by laughing and showing their delight when you say something funny as a kid.


Rather than watch a computer screen, you will go into the metaverse

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Metaverse, a recent tech industry buzzword, refers to the most realistic virtual world to hit the internet so far. Even CEO Zuckerberg now calls Facebook Meta Platforms Inc since embracing the revolutionary concept.

The idea is to take virtual reality to the next level, whereby various virtual environments connect. Patrons…

Bridget Webber

Mental health advocate. Author of ‘The Warm Hum of Bees’ and ‘Nature Poems to Warm the Heart.’

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