Maybe without it, you struggle to get out of bed in the morning

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Finding your purpose in life isn’t part of a distasteful ‘me’ culture. Nor is it a tepid route to self-improvement. It means much more than that.

Your life purpose, once uncovered, is a gift. It’s a life hack that boosts wellbeing, and its dynamism is rocket fuel. Here’s why discovering your personal ‘meaning for being’ will boost your happiness, self-confidence, energy, value, and success.

Not knowing your ‘reason to be’ is like owning a gas oven, but having nothing to light it with. You have all the equipment you need, but unless something ignites your fire, nothing’s cooking.

People who…

Treat yourself as you want others to treat you

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Unless you possess an inexorable sense of self, days when everything goes wrong and you please no one will crush you. Inner trust only flows when you practice self-love.

We have a natural capacity to love ourselves. Watch children and you’ll know what I mean. If they aren’t yet self-doubting, they stand tall and demand the world meet them on their terms.

As we age, courage shrinks if we retreat into ourselves. Bitter words spoken by others and self-criticism demolish us. …

Wonderful article Rebecca! Thoroughly enjoyed it. I too, have always been fascinated by archetypes and how they are part of our personal stories.

What a joy! Thanks for tagging me Melanie. ✨

Your temper is not a rotten apple when used the right way

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People often consider anger negative. They imagine it’s something they ought to shun. They’re ashamed of it and don’t recognize every emotion has a place.

Like the emotions we label positive, anger has a purpose. It can stimulate change and improvement.

On a grand scale, the usefulness of anger is obvious. It can incite progress and stop inhumanity. On a smaller scale, though, the reason your anger exists might not be clear.

People get angry when they aren’t happy. They know this, but don’t always think about why or the next step.

Anger’s a nudge to do something positive

Unhappiness signals something’s amiss. You have an unmet…

Thank you Erika. Krishnamurti's on my reading list, glad you reminded me about him! I believe. No, I know there's nothing about us that's wrong, so thoughts are natural. Our greatest achievement is to evolve. Now we need to advance as a whole emotionally and spiritually with love as a goal. Self-acceptance is part of that. Self-talk and the ego aren't bad. We just need to recognize why they arise and respond with a growth mindset. (You summed it up well!)

It can transform you into the best version of you

Woman sits on a mountaintop admiring the view.
Woman sits on a mountaintop admiring the view.

Everybody has a dream, even if they claim otherwise. Sometimes they assume it’s out of reach and prefer to keep it a secret. They carry a vision of whatever it is in their head, though, and when they feel courageous enough, they take baby steps in the right direction.

Some want to be wealthy, influential, and successful. Others have smaller goals. They might yearn to date someone they imagine is above them. Or wish they were wiser, slimmer, or have another attribute they haven’t got, or hope to improve one they own.

It all comes down to craving material, or…

Bridget Webber

Nature Lover, Former Mental Health Professional, Writer

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